Crystal Spring – Salt Of The Earth

A completely natural deodorant, truly effective that doesn’t leave white stains on clothes.

It leaves a thin layer of pure inorganic salt on the skin. This ingredient is a natural deodorant that prevents the formation of unpleasant odor on the skin.

They are made only from Potassium Alum, a natural antibacterial inorganic salt which has been used for hundreds of years as highly effective protection against odors.



This product has been tested in humans, not animals.

Without Alcohol – No Aluminium Chlorohydrate – Without Emulsifiers – No Parabens – Without Forwarders – Without Perfume



Its very economical and ideal on the bathroom shelf.

How to use: Use it on wet skin after the shower. Moisten it for use in clean dry skin. Rinse after use.

Tip: Wipe it after use and it will last for months.



In spray form for easy application.

How to use: Simply spray the armpits or the feet.

Tip: During use keep a distance of 20 cm from the skin.

Ingredients: It is made from deionized water, pure Potassium Alum and Aloe Vera. Does not contain alcohol and triclosan.